Pros and Cons of different Types of Flooring

There are few things more beautiful than well designed flooring. Many types of flooring are available to decorate the home, and the flooring you choose depends upon your appreciation for a certain style of living. Some homeowners prefer wood, while others enjoy a more cushioned type of flooring. Each has its advantages.

Carpet is the go to flooring for bedrooms. Nevertheless, some love the beauty of hardwood covered with stylish rugs in their home. Hardwood flooring accentuates beautiful furnishings and offers gorgeous style to any home.

Types of Flooring:

Ceramic tile






Ceramic tile is a preferred material for bathrooms and kitchens. This material is able to withstand wet conditions and is sturdy under heavy foot traffic.

Bamboo is a natural wood and fits anywhere. It looks a lot like hardwood and is Eco-friendly.

Linoleum is also a type of flooring that withstands water and is easy to install. It is sold in rolls and does not take an expert to install. However, there are varied levels of linoleum, and some do require professional installation.

Hardwood flooring has been around for centuries. It is normal to go into the finest homes on the globe and find hardwood flooring. A few styles are costly. However, there are very fine woods that are reasonably priced.

Carpet is seen throughout millions of homes. It is sold in different weights, colors, and when installed properly, it is lovely. The varied fiber styles makes carpet easy to maintain with very little effort.

Cork flooring very easy to walk on. Standing on some surfaces makes the body uncomfortable, therefore in play areas, and relaxation spaces cork flooring works better. It is non-toxic and fire resistant.

Engineered flooring is generally wood-looking. It is far cheaper than hardwood but gives a nice finish to a room. This is especially practical for a room that is prone to moisture.