The various types of flooring and their distinct features

Flooring is the most eye-catching surface in a home, also something to endure the most wear and tear over the course of time. Therefore, narrowing the current long list of material options available is not only of utmost importance but also considerable challenge. Here are some of the most popular types of flooring for to you choose:

1. Tiles Tiles come in all patterns, sizes and shapes, satisfying every individual’s taste. Besides, tiles are not only used for flooring, they can even be applied in kitchen countertops, bathroom walls or even exterior walls.

There are two types of tiles: porcelain/ceramic and natural stone. Pros: aesthetically pleasing; great hardness therefore difficult to scratch or dent; enduring; requiring little maintenance and water-resistant. Cons: getting cold in winter, crack easily when a hard object gets dropped on; requiring a strong basement; adding heaviness to the structure’s load and can be slippery.

2. Wood Wooden flooring (Laminat) lends a cozy feeling to your rooms. Depending on your needs, you can opt for plain or classy or customized patterns. The chevron patterns bringing in dimension and uniqueness can be made big or small as needed. Pros: durable, can be used as decoration, minimal maintenance, under-floor heating, abundant types of wood species to choose from. Cons: areas used much might need frequent polishing; quite vulnerable with pet-scratches; susceptible to moisture; might not be waterproof.

3. Marble This type of flooring (Tarkett) effortlessly adds elegance and natural balance to your home. The special patterns can also be decorative and display your style. Pros: eco-friendly in production process, translucent material glowing in sunlight, adding an air of royalty and richness, long-lasting and high resistance to fire and water. Cons: requiring special care with frequent polishing, can be slippery and relatively expensive, getting cold in winter, vulnerable to cracks or dents.

4. Mix or match Mixing or matching these types of flooring (gulv xtra) in different spaces and rooms in your home can create a special style of your own. Yet too many kinds shall kill the looks and require maximum maintenance efforts.